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This post may contain affiliate links that will result in a commission if item is purchased. 


Traveling to Dubai for the first time for a holiday or business can be cut short if you don’t know the right things to do. Can you drink alcohol? Should you tip waiters? How should you dress? many other questions will be popping up in your mind. Here are the things you need to know if you are traveling to Dubai for the first time.



Things to know for booking your trip to Dubai


Etiquette guidelines to follow in Dubai


Tips to stay out of trouble when traveling in Dubai


Things to know for booking your trip to Dubai

  1. Visit between October and April

Dubai is not like most countries with different seasons, Dubia only has two seasons — The hot and hotter season. From October —April, these months are known as the winter season, these months bring perfect beach weather and blue skies to the city. It is also the rainy season, but the rainy season doesn’t last too long, so that can’t be a factor for you postponing your visit to Dubai.

  1. Look at flights six months ahead

The earlier the better!looking at the flights six months ahead doesn’t mean you necessarily need to buy your ticket then but looking at the flight six months ahead will make you prepare ahead as most international airlines I release their cheapest seats around this time prior to departure dates. Make sure you get your ticket early at least one month in advance.

  1. Book your hotel months in advance

Dubai is fast becoming a popular vacation spot where you can pamper yourself and have a great time. If you are planning to visit Dubai around October through April, you must book your hotel months advance. You can check out some hotels in Dubai here. You will be able to get a good hotel at the right price when you reserve your hotel months ahead.



Etiquette guidelines to follow in Dubai

  1. Show respect during Ramadan

 Dubai is a holy country, popularly known as the Islamic religion. If it happens that you are in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, respect the Muslims and their practice of fasting. This means you can’t drink, smoke or eat in public in front of them between sunrise and sunset.

2. Dress modestly

As you pack your holiday outfit in Dubia, thin conservative over flashy and revealing. A lady’s dress will be considered indecent if it’s tight, transparent or too short, men should also put on a shirt when walking around except if the location you find yourself calls for it, like the beach. Dressing modestly will help avoid unnecessary attention, and make sure you respect the Muslim culture.

3. Ask permission before taking pictures

It is rude to take pictures of r with a stranger without asking for permission, except if the shot you are taking is a scenic shot in major tourist areas. Taking pictures of a Muslim woman might be reacted to harshly by the people around. Do not take pictures of any airports, military installations, government buildings, etc.


4. Should you tip?

 This is a common practice in Dubai but it is not a compulsory practice. Taxi drivers Disney expects a tip from you but you can choose to give them if you wish. Supermarket baggers and luggage carriers are normally given a small tip.



Tips to stay out of trouble when traveling in Dubai

  1. Don’t just give your taxi driver an address

In a situation where you don’t know the city or area you are heading to, don’t expect the taxi drivers to know they’re always as they don’t always know the areas, cities, restaurants as you they should. So to make sure you end up in the right location, you can make use of Google map or make references to big-city landmarks as this will help them in locating where you are heading to.

2. Be careful where you consume alcohol

There is no law in Dubai that is against the drinking alcohol; but where you should know where to take the alcohol. Drinking and driving or drunk are prohibited. You need a permit yo buy alcohol for your own use and the store you will be getting your alcohol must be a licensed store. Buying drinks at the restaurant and bars is okay, but don’t drink to stupor.

3. Stay away from PDA

Don’t try this! Stay away from public display of affections. It is considered offensive in the country. You might end up behind bars if you violate the law. For your own security refrained from kissing or getting intimate in public.



The laws in Dubai are a bit struct but these laws shouldn’t stop you from visiting Dubai if you are chanced. Dubai is worth seeing with your friends or family and it is a unique destination. Note that the tourist that visit Dubai every year is increasing, why are they visiting the country if you think does not worth it?




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