HOMESCHOOLING AND CORONAVIRUS: Teacher approved online learning websites, apps and resources for parents to get you through the end of the school year

Quick Tip: Homeschooling Where to start and what to teach.

Homeschooling And Coronavirus!! First, you will need to look up the learning standards for your state to see what your child should know for the end of the year. You can search online for your state, and then you will have to click on your subject and grade level. See the below examples of California’s Common Core Standards for Math and ELA and a focus area for 4th grade.

Do not overwhelm yourself. Pick one subject a day to figure out. We would recommend, if you can, to print out the standards and circle the standards you are going to address between now and the end of the year.


The heavy hitters, underdogs and worksheet generators that are tested and approved by teachers for parent-friendly teaching resources.  


Below is a list of some of the best online resources and apps for teaching at home. Most of these have a free account option. If you go with the paid subscription route for these, it can start to add up or make you nervous about having your credit card stored in a million different places, so we broke it down by subject and age so you can select areas you feel you need the most significant boost.


ABC Mouse Website (PK-3) 

Sylvan InHome App (4-8)

Audibles App (3-12)

Have your child listen to a good nonfiction book while they organize their room, clean out the basement, or take the dogs for a walk. You can filter books by age and interest and then dig deeper to see if reviews are good. Older children can listen to Shoe Dog, about Phil McKnight, founder of Nike or Shadow Divers, by Robert Kurson about a WWII mystery.

Kindle App (L-12) for digital books


Kahn Academy (K-12) Videos and lessons as if your child were in front of a real teacher showing a lesson

Xtra Math (K-9) One of the better online drilling system for math facts


PedbbleGo (K-3) resources for online research

Science Buddies (3-12) a collection of science fair projects you can do with your children

Mythbusters first go over the basic anatomy of an experiment. After each episode, have them fill out a worksheet naming the hypothesis, variables, materials, etc. to make the science connection.


Seterra (K-12) extensive collection of maps, quizzes, and worksheets

Netflix have your kids watch shows like Planet Earth (K-2), Ken Burns: The Civil War (9-12), The Who Was? Show (3-8)


Apple Music or Amazon Music Have your child make a playlist for different occasions. Start with a dinner playlist and play it that night. You can also turn it into a music appreciation lesson. Expose your kids to the songs you loved, or the songs your parents loved growing up.

Get an inexpensive keyboard and learn piano online 


Teachers Pay Teachers you can create an account and search through free resources or pay for entire lessons. Endless amount of material. Make it easier on yourself by using the ratings and taking 10 extra seconds to read through the reviews before buying anything.

If you are really investing, or school is over indefinitely, you should look into a laser printer with a high page per minute (PPM)


Google Hangouts or Zoom video conferencing for playdates, book clubs, and show and tells. Google Hangouts, you will need a GSuite account, between $5-$10 per month and about 15-20 minutes to set up account and meeting. Zoom is about $15 per month and under 10 minutes to set up an account and a meeting.

Work on keyboarding skills with a program that promotes great finger placement and foundation skills: beginner and advanced lessons.


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This post may contain affiliate links that will result in a commission if item is purchased.

Opinions and advice are that of our contributors. Seek professional advice before making decisions.


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