CORONA-RICULUM: Complete Coronavirus Home Schooling Plan For Parents With Zero Teaching Background


Complete Coronavirus Home Schooling Plan For Parents With Zero Teaching Background. So you got the email. Not only is school shut down but your district has never even done e-learning so your teacher has sent home a pile of books and promised worksheets are on their way. If you don’t get it together soon that screentime that your kids will devour will kill so many brain cells they may be kicked back a grade by the time they go back. Don’t worry (about the school part at least)! We have put together a plan that you can follow to keep the kiddos learning.

Even if you are a parent that has been forced into remote-office work and you will still need to work during the day we have your backs too. Will you have help coming in while you work? Give them this to follow.

1. Set up a designated learning area

Find a place in your house with lots of table space that you can set up the kids that is not too far from where you will be. If you are a working parent set up in a post that the kids can see you working hard so they know to apply the same effort to their work. If coronavirus has given you a huge break to do whatever you want with your time, still be close, but instead, maybe make that photo album you never got around to or organize the junk drawers if the kids are the kitchen table. Wherever you choose make it the same spot every day so the kids know, this area means business.

With the schedule, you will also have designated time to get your stuff done. You will know that during the reading you can do laundry or take that call. For science, you may need to plan to be there to help more.

2. Set a learning schedule or just use ours!

Maybe you don’t have the luxury of sleeping in, you have a baby, you still take conference calls at 7:30 am, you just are incapable of sleeping past six. If you are able to let the kiddos enjoy a little bit more extra snooze time take it as a fun side effect and start the schedule later. If not just take the example and bump it forward or backward.

9:00-9:45 ELA (English Language Arts)

9:45-10:45 GYM

coronavirus acitivities with kids

Do not forget to add activity to the schedule so kids can get a break from sitting.

  • class-one hour of physical play
  • basketball outside
  • ride a bike/practice scooter tricks
  • go for a walk
  • play tag
  • hopscotch with extra squares
  • do a kid-friendly workout video

Try at home golf. Use cups to be the holes and put them around the house to make a nine or 18 hole course. No clubs? Share a broom. No ball? Roll up some tinfoil. Each day a new kid can make the course! 

10:45-11:30 READING

Snuggle up with a book and read quietly. Young ones can find their best picture books to flip through and older kids can challenge themselves with a longer book than they would normally read. This will help your kids build up reading stamina. With kids crazy schedules this is a rare opportunity to consistently read for long periods of time.

11:30-12:30 LUNCH/FREE TIME

I guess you have to feed the kids at some point? If you want this to go longer this is a great chance to leave out the essentials and ask them to make their own lunches. Take the time to show them how to clean off a table knife after it gets covered in peanut butter, or wipe crumbs off the counter.

You could even use the time to teach them how to pack their own lunches so that is in place when it is time to go back?

12:30-1:15 MATH

You don’t have to go to an online learning academy here to be able to teach your kids new math skills. Take this time to reinforce the skills they have already learned to create foundations for whatever is next. You can also use Khan Academy tutorials to enhance the learning.

  • Working on addition, set out counters and math worksheets and have kids keep at it until the counters are not needed.
  • Long division? Print out graph pages or online pages to have kids practice getting the hang of it. Try to find ones with answers already on there.
  • Word problems. There are word problems for every skill level and they are fantastic for multistep problem solving


Use this time to let kids stretch out their imagination. Use the art supplies that you tucked away for a rainy day, break out the legos and have kids work together or on their own to make an entire city. Have kids decorate cards to send to loved ones or to troops overseas. This may seem like fluffy stuff, but it is proven that creativity is one of the most important skill sets needed to be hired for high-level jobs. Why not nurture it?


coronavirus education lessons

Find things that spark your child’s imagination.

  • Build a fort
  • Leogs
  • Decorate cards for loved ones or troops
  • Build a 500 piece puzzle
  • Building/creativity (forts legos, painting, puzzles)
  • Sew together fabric to make a pillow
  • Take a pair of worn-out gym shoes, scrub them clean and use sharpies to decorate them


Let’s face it, if you have ever traveled abroad you will catch on quickly that we are the only first-world country that doesn’t bother to learn another language, mush less where other countries are. Print out a map of the United States and have your child label each state. Print or buy a black map of the world and label all of the cities in Russia, the countries in Europe, you get it. If you choose to print the seterra website is a fantasitc resource for printable blank and matching labeled maps.

If you would rather focus on language you can get a great language program that can at least give your children the ability to order a meal and find a bathroom somewhere else?


Too much time in the iPad making kids touchscreen savants, but keyboarding illiterate. Use this time to help them improve their keyboarding skills, which we all know will be a huge asset in the long run. You can also start a Science Fair style project that requires multiple weeks of data collection and observations. If you are having trouble finding the right one make a simple one more complicated by adding more variables or samples. For example, for what to feed plants so they grown, maybe get seed for 10 plants instead of 3 and try 10 different fertilizers and take notes on 10 different plants.

3. Create the buy-in with the kids

We all know you are not going to tell your kids to do your math and they magically sit down and work independently. You need to kick this off by creating some buy-in. Start with showing them the schedule so they know what their day looks like. From there talk about some “post coronavirus” rewards they could work for. Maybe something as big as a trip to a local amusement park, or movie. Some kids like stuff more and that pair of gym shoes they always wanted or designer jeans would be their carrot. Whatever you are comfortable offering and makes sense for your kids put it in place!

Not so fast, you will need something to measure the productivity to make sure you are not spending all day saying, get to work or your not going to see that movie when this is over!

Make or buy a sticker chart so everyone is on the same page about progress. Make it simple on yourself. 10 assignments during the day, 10 stickers for getting work done. If they are not on task then take a sticker away. Let them know that they will have to get at least 40 stickers to get their reward and it is all individual. You could also create a group award if you have multiple children as an extra bonus that will help the kids encourage each other to stay on task. If they miss a week and do not get enough stickers then let them make it up the next week, but up the ask. Make it 45 stickers instead of 40. It could also be a daily reward. If they get to a certain number they can have a screen. If they do not get there, it will be torturous for you but if you stick to it, it should only take them a day or two to know you mean business!

Check back for suggestions on the best apps for your Ipad, including guidance to what your child should be covering if school is cancelled until the end of the year.


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This post may contain affiliate links that will result in a commission if item is purchased.

Opinions and advice are that of our contributors. Seek professional advice before making decisions.


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