Affiliate Disclosure may use affiliate links for products featured on a post and within the site. An affiliate post is a post where will receive a portion of the sale when a visitor to the site clicks on the link and buys the product.

Affiliate Product Selection

The products selected on the site are products that truly believes will deliver value to a person. There are many products that do not have affiliate links because RMDLR wants to maintain an authentic and honest delivery of items that will benefit their readers and not products based on financial benefits to

Affiliate Product and Service Quality and Reliability 

RMDLR is in no way responsible for the final quality and experience with the products and services advertised on their site. RMDLR make efforts to feature only high-quality, valuable products and services but ultimately can not control and are not liable for purchases that do not meet the standards of the consumer. If you do have a bad experience with a product we would like to hear about it and protect our RMDLR community. Please email us at to inform us of your experience. 

Sponsored Posts will clearly identify any post that is created as a result of a sponsor partnership. will only partner with a sponsor if they believe in the product or service being presented will add value to the reader. Not all sponsor that seek to form a partnership with will be approved. Partnership decisions will be considered based off of the perceived value to the reader.


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